Saturday, 15 March 2014

Psychotic Art Zine - Edisi April 2014 is under heavy construction..Artworks and poems contribution is needed. Please email your contribution to :
Cover are being done Jason EVIL Covelli ( Human Burial Records )
Dateline of submission are at the end of march..keep your stuff coming!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

All set for tomorrow... 
Tempatan Fest 1-2 March 2014 - Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Paroi.

Sticker is ready and packages is all set!!
Psychotic Art Zine will be available at Tempatan Fest at Kompleks Belia Dan Sukan Paroi. Get it from Arm Van Jobho booth.. ask for official Tempatan Fest button too..

PAZ maybe will be also available at Bengkel Zine, Warung Seni,Jonker Walk Melaka.
( dua tempat sekaligus..woohooo...)

To cut some sticker and Chap Badut brochure is ready.Some will go to Batu Caves Selangor, Wisconsin US ..etc..

Ready for Tempatan Fest... ask for tempatan fest official buttons too..cheers!!!

Some more photos at Psychotic Art Zine lauch at festival Kucing Putrajaya..Thanks to all who support us!!
Photo Credits to: Syaf Suhaimi and Mell Uzair.

Terima kasih semua!!