Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Psychotic Art Zine #16 august 2014 OUT NOW!
 Lepas Zineksperimen released..Tak mau tunggu lagi la, kasi release terus next project:
Psychotic Art Zine #16 august 2014 Out now! A must have copy for doodle maniax!! including interviews and artworks from Chris Baird 757comics (US), Slavokomali (Serbia), Aku Napie ( Komik Gelabah), Mina E (Iran), Zami Musa (Dooldict Collision) and many more!  zine + stickes dan lollipop untuk 30 pesanan terawal :) " PAZ seronok dibaca sambil isap-isap lollipop"...spread and share with your friends!! ..more info and sample pages at:

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